PDF Forms

The Vistas Homeowners Association

You can send forms to the association by clicking on the PDF link to the files listed below, printing and mail or FAX to:

The Vistas Homeowners Association
1281 Terminal Way, Suite 124
Reno, NV 89502-3247
Fax: 786-0504
Tel: 786-0500

The information you submit is confidential.

PDF FORMS – These forms need to be printed and either mailed or faxed to the Association Office.

Below are lists of pre-approved color schemes that the Board of Directors have approved. If you choose to use one of the color schemes you will still need to submit a paint request form and swatches for the property file. Once the form and approved color scheme swatches have been submitted you can paint right away without waiting for ACC approval. Any deviations from the color schemes will need approval from the Architectural Control Committee before painting begins.

  • Sherwin William pre-approved color schemes
  • Kelly Moore pre-approved color schemes
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